"I do want there to be more punk rock—I do, I do. I do want there to be more left-wing new wave—really. By Americans—I swear it. But not by a would-be out-of-work actor with Tiny Tim vibrato who spent the first half of the ’70s concocting “rock cabaret.” Admittedly, I’m guessing, but I’m also being kind—it sounds like Jello Biafra discovered the Stooges in 1977. C+"

Robert Christgau on the Dead Kennedys’ album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables [I.R.S., 1980]

Ouch. I’m a fan of the DK’s and my 15-year-old self is an even bigger fan.

The DK’s Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death might be my favorite album title ever.